Events & Education

By hosting and programming new learning opportunities, we will build the capacity and strengthen the connectivity of our innovation & entrepreneurial ecosystem. We look forward to sharing the many events already taking place around the region and creating new platforms for niche-specific activities. 

Some of the existing meetups that we are excited to promote and/or sponsor:

Peoria Seed Fund

Never before has a seed fund been created to help start, build, and grow companies in Peoria. This professionally managed fund connects modern investors to social impact while delivering a return on investment. 

CONTACT US today to find out more about how to be a catalyst to our startup community.

Keystart Accelerator

By closely modeling what has been done in other cities, like Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we’re creating an industry-targeted startup accelerator with robust programming, mentoring, and funding.

We are currently seeking early-stage startups to apply to be on our waiting list for Q2 2020 in the following industries: Autonomous Mobility, Healthcare, eCommerce, Sustainable Materials, Agriculture

Smart City Peoria | Open Peoria


Our goal is to establish the first "Innovation District" in Greater Peoria by replicating efforts previously undertaken in larger metropolitan areas. Key areas of focus will be in:

  • Citizen Engagement/Services

  • Equity/Inclusion

  • Infrastructure

  • Governance

  • Mobility

  • Public Health/Healthcare

  • Public Safety 

  • Sustainability

In addition, the Open Peoria will bridge data analytics gaps with real-time decision making. The goal is not only increased transparency and accountability, but also to increase participation by our local community of matters that affect them daily. Click HERE to get involved.

National Storytelling

Another tagline or a fancy slogan or even a gimmick is not what our region needs. 

Rather, we need to tell our community's authentic stories, focusing on what has sustained our region through the years; tales of persistence, perseverance, pride, and purpose. All of them rooted in the optimism of what the Peoria area has relied on since its inception: a culture of risk taking, vulnerability, and innovation.

Peoria on Purpose is an actionable online platform through which we will capture these stories and transmit them not only throughout our own communities, but to the entire nation.

Visit for additional information and to take our regional survey.