PRESS RELEASE: Peoria Innovation Alliance Launches Regional Survey

(Peoria, Illinois) June 13, 2018 – In collaboration with the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council, Minority Business Development Center, Small Business Development Center at Bradley University and SCORE Peoria, the Peoria Innovation Alliance is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive survey targeted at better understanding and serving the needs of Greater Peoria’s burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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NOW HIRING: Marketing & Events Coordinator Intern

The Peoria Innovation Alliance, a nonprofit organization, is fostering a collaborative movement to reposition the region and change our narrative to one of positivity and progress through the support and celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup activity.

As the Marketing and Events Coordinator Intern for Peoria Innovation Alliance, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Greater Peoria region.

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Jake Hamann
MEDIA: Peoria Innovation Alliance featured on WEEK-TV

Innovation is one of those popular buzz words you hear all the time. But what it means to some greater Peoria businesses is creating more than just buzz. Alliance Founder and Executive Director Jake Hamann says many of these cutting edge business are unheard of in the community. “One is called Enduvo, one’s called Natural Fiber Welding, another is called Bump Boxes. When I talk to citizens here they don’t even know they exist, but a lot of them are here in our backyard,” explained Hamann.

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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Peoria Innovation Alliance

PEORIA, ILLINOIS – Sure, innovation is a popular word these days. Everyone strives for their culture, company or community to be driven from an innovative spirit and mindset. And understandably so, true innovation can change the world. However, innovation is not simply a switch one can turn on. It is deeply rooted in who you are, what drives you and your vision for the future. It is with that understanding, although maybe not obvious or well known to the ‘outside’ world, or in fact maybe not even recognized in our own backyard, that innovation sets Peoria apart.

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